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Johnstech International - XT Series for Pad and Leaded Devices

Patented, One-Piece ROL™ Contacts
Delivers Lowest Contact Resistance (CRES)
High Current Carrying Capability
Low Inductance
Extremely Stable Contact Resistance (CRES)
High Frequency Capability
Wiping Contact Clears Debris
Mechanically Robust
Long Life ROL™ Contacts
Tri-Temp Test Stability
Patented Wiping Lengthens MTBA
Kelvin-Ready™ Versatility (available)
Configurable Application Flexibility
Two Contact Profiles Optimize Performance
Less Expensive Load Board Requirements
Determine When To Clean
Eliminate / Minimize Retests
Redundant Sense Contact Reliability
Self Cleaning Contacts Clear Debris
Kelvin Used Only When And Where Needed
Johnstech® XT™ Contactors include a family of test solutions that have been uniquely designed for consistent and stable tri-temp testing reliability. These XT™ Contactors include unique and proprietary, housing and elastomer combinations approved for automotive device testing for temperature ranges from -65C to +175C. While primarily focused on automotive applications, XT™ Contactors are ideal for all high or low temperature testing applications.

XT™ Contactor Automotive Solutions
Pad ROL™ 200 XT™
Pad ROL™ 200KR XT™
Leaded ROL™ 200 XT™
Leaded ROL™ 200KR XT™

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