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Johnstech International - Verticon® 100 BGA Test Contactors

Bringing Higher Performance to BGA Test
Precision Measurements

- Low L (inductance): 0.45nH (self)
- High F (frequency): 20+ GHz
- Low, Consistent CRES: Avg <50mΩ

The short contact length of the Verticon® 100 BGA contactor, makes it well suited for high frequency wireless/microwave applications as well as high-speed digital interfaces.
The combined contact profile and proprietary plating enable low and stable contact resistance measurements, making it ideal for precision low noise DC measurements.

Repeatable Results
- Higher First Pass Yields
- Lower Measurement Variance
- Greater Up-binning/Speed-binning

The solid contacts of the Verticon® 100 BGA contactor provide a consistent electrical length that reduces measurement variance - resulting in higher yields and greater opportunity for up-binning/speed-binning.

Low Maintenance

- Self-Cleaning Wipe for Extended MTBA
- Replaceable Cartridge for Fast MTTR
- Long Life Contacts

Verticon® 100 BGA’s patented self-cleaning micro wipe action breaks through oxides on the device ball, then clears the contact tip, resulting in extended MTBA cycles. The engineered materials of construction result in long contact life. And replacement contacts are reassembled in a cartridge, providing quick mean-time-to-repair.

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