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Thermo Scientific ESD - Pegasus

The Thermo Scientific Pegasus 2pin ESD Test System is a low parasitic tester platform used in the evaluation of advanced IC devices at both wafer and package levels. Determination of ESD failure thresholds is made easy using one of the available ESD waveforms and built-in curve tracing capabilities.

Fully complaint, Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) testing per the latest industry standards.

Additionally, a true system level ESD 150pF/330Ω network (not a 50 Ω emulator) is also available to meet the proposed Human Metal Model (HMM) (IEC 610004-2 like) requirements

2pin connection via wafer probes, to any device in a package, die, or on wafer

Pre and post curve trace measurements for comparative failure analysis.

Oscilloscope interface (GPIB, USB or TCP/IP) with automatic internal attenuation

Stores all ZAP waveforms and Automatic analysis them against the latest industry standards

Automatic Voltage waveform capture

Pods (ESD waveform generators) can easily be installed on a prober station

Easily fits on a bench top, or the Main Controller can be installed in a 19” test rack

Wafer prober interface

Bias supply controls for pre and post

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