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TTS - Epsilon Series Pitch 0.9mm High Pin Count Socket

TTS Epsilon Series High Pin Count Contactors are optimized to provide a reliable compression stroke to every I/O on advanced packages with over 3000 contacts.

Extensive finite element analysis (FEA) modelling and the most advanced engineering materials available combine to create a rigid contactor with high compression pins in order to decrease the high-force socket warpage and accommodate the total coplanarity of the test pins and the device contacts.

The high contact repeatability of Epsilon Contactors allows users to validate and screen advanced semiconductor devices without losing valuable design cycle time. Complete test systems are available utilizing Epsilon Contactors and TTS Phi Series Thermal Management solutions for high power dissipation to maintain the device junction temperature during full functional and overclocked testing.

Key features:

- Pin coplanarity less than 0.35mm

- Pin compression up to 1.2mm

- Tri-temp testing between -40°C to +150°C

- Optimized for devices from 3000 to 10000 I/O’s

- Pitch 0.80mm and greater

- Suitable for BGA and LGA devices


- Server, Data Processing, AI, High Power Computing

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