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TTS - Lambda Series 0.35mm High Frequency Socket

TTS Lambda Series High Frequency Contactors are engineered to deliver exceptional RF signal integrity at bandwidths in excess of 60 GHz for devices used in portable electronics, mobility, automotive applications and communication infrastructure.

TTS Lambda Contactors and pins are rigorously tested to ensure they meet and exceed the mechanical and electrical reliability requirements to support the high volume production testing of these high output industries.

The low self-inductance of our short RF pins, coupled with their low and repeatable resistive values allows users to reliably test the true performance of the DUT with higher first pass and final yield. Optional Pd alloy construction of the DUT side plunger reduces the tip affinity to Sn migration resulting in more efficient maintenance and repair cycle times and ultimately reducing the cost of test and ownership.

Key features:

- Long life pins for testing greater than 500k insertions

- Self Inductance less than 0.37nH

- Tri-temp testing between -40°C to +125°C

- Optimized for devices with fewer than 500 I/O’s

- Pitch from 0.35mm to 0.50mm

- Suitable for BGA, LGA and QFN devices


- 5G, mmWave, IoT, Radar

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