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H-Square - Vacuum wands

H-Square offers an extraordinary number of different vacuum wand component options.

Six pre-packaged vacuum wand sets are considered by most as the industry-standard vacuum wand combinations. Set includes everything needed to start handling wafers safely using a house vacuum. H-Square recommends a house vacuum greater than 22” Hg for best performance. Of course, individual vacuum tips can also be bought and used with the wands.

For maximum flexibility, H-Square also offers FWCR- cordless freedom wands kits and FWTT- tabletop portable freedom wands kits.

FWCR- Freedom Wands Feature:
• Self-contained cordless battery powered vacuum wands allows freedom from vacuum
• Internal rechargeable NiMH battery with >4 hours runtime.
• Direct connect to power supply allows use with discharged batteries
• Charger stand stores wands safely out of the way while re-charging the battery
• Smart charger system keeps battery fully charged without the worry of damage from
• Replacement tips may be purchased separately

FWTT- Freedom Wands Feature:
• Photo-electric sensor - turns off vacuum pump when a wand is replaced in holder
• Heavy-duty micro-pumping mechanism
• A sturdy base provides stability for tabletop applications
• Small footprint

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