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Autoblocks - Remote Access & Data Analytics Kit

Our Remote Access & Data Analytics kit includes a highly secure 4G LTE cellular router, DIN Rail block mounted kit, and depending on your plan 3 years of remote accesses (includes free software upgrades), and Autoblocks Cloud data analytics. Autoblock Cloud offers a cloud based KPI dashboard with critical statics from your autoblocks machine including cycle time, run hours, uptime, down time, fault history, and maintenance dashboard including alerts via email or SMS text.


• Includes remote support for software updates, fixes, and machine diagnostics.
• Kit with plug & play cables, and DIN rail mount 4G LTE wireless router.
• Access via secure VPN Turn Block as well as peripheral devices for remote support, reconfiguration, or programming adjustments.
• AutoBlocks Cloud™ plans include a machine specific dashboard with KPIs, fault history, maintenance history and email and SMS text alerts.
• Access to all AutoBlocks APPs as they become available.

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