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MSP - 2800 Turbo Vaporizer

We offer a series of Turbo Vaporizers for liquid source vaporization by direct liquid injection for thin film deposition by Chemical Vaporizer Deposition (CVD), Plasma Enhanced CVD (PECVD), and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) processes. Each vaporizer is customized for a specific application to meet the individual needs of the customer. MSP’s vaporizers are known for their accuracy, repeatability, low maintenance, and low in-film and surface contamination features. High-capacity vaporizers are also available for industrial applications. The entire line of vaporizers from MSP can cover:

Liquid flow rate from 0.05 to 120 g/min

Carrier gas flow from 0.1 to 1,200 slm

Vaporization temperature from 40 to 350 Deg C

Available models include:

Model 2800: for vaporizing highly heat sensitive precursors in batch tools

Model 2820: for vaporizing less heat sensitive precursors at high capacity for semiconductor and industrial applications including coating of large area of glass substrates, optical fiber preform manufacturing, etc

Model 2830: for vaporizing less heat sensitive precursors in single wafer and mini-batch tools

Please contact factory for details and specific recommendations to meet your individual needs.

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