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QES Mechatronic Sdn. Bhd. - WHS300G

WHS300G is designed for wafer transferring, splitting, merging or flipping 6” and 8” wafer from the input cassette to the output cassette in batch mode.

Input cassette type is SEMI standard open cassette with 26-slot, 25-slot and 13-slot.

There are four load ports available with three inputs load ports and one output load port. The system is equipped with high accuracy reflective sensor for wafer protrusion detection.

- For 8" Wafers

- 4x Open Cassette Station, split & merge lot between cassettes.

- Wafer Notch Alignment.

- Wafer Mapping, cross slot and double wafer detection.

- Multi-axes Linear Motion for handling of wafers.

- Recipe controlled operation

- Optional SECS/GEM communication with host computer system.

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QES Mechatronic Sdn. Bhd. - WHS300G

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