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MSP - Reticle Contamination Standards

Characterize and optimize the sensitivity and overall performance of your reticle inspection system with Reticle (Photomask) Defect Contamination Standards from MSP. These high-quality reticle contamination standards are made to your specifications with quick turnaround, enabling short learning cycles during tool development and providing timely quality assurance for installed systems.

MSP Reticle Contamination Standards consist of particles deposited on a 6-inch reticle with the industry's best particle size and count control. Using the advanced particle generation and DMA technology of MSP's Particle Deposition Systems, the modal diameter of deposited nanoparticles is controlled with nanometer-level accuracy and sub-nanometer resolution.

Reticle (Photomask) Contamination StandardsEvery substrate is handled with extreme care and packaged with MSP's signature triple-wrap packaging, preventing contamination during transport.

Deposit Patterns:

Particles can be deposited in Spot, Full (Blanket), Arc, and Ring patterns.

Particle Materials/Types:

Particle size standards available for deposition include spheres of PSL (polystyrene latex) and SiO2 (including MSP NanoSilica™ Size Standards). MSP Process Particles™ Suspensions are currently offered in 13 materials for deposition.

Reticle Contamination Standard Base Items:

The Reticle Contamination Standard includes a base item, which consists of one deposit on a reticle. Customers typically provide the reticle of their choice (blank, coated, patterned, optical, EUV), but MSP also provides optical photomask blanks.

The base item includes a Deposition Summary, Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Calibration for each particle size standard, and triple-wrap packaging.

Features and Benefits:
•Widest range of particle materials and sizes
•Over 100 particle size standards available
•Customizable deposit patterns and locations
•Particle size control with nanometer-level accuracy for nanoparticles
•Consistent particle size with sub-nanometer resolution for nanoparticles
•Particle count from 100 to millions per recipe
•Quick turnaround for faster learning
•Triple-wrap packaging for low-adder transport

•Reticle (photomask) inspection tool calibration
•Inspection tool development and qualification
•Incoming reticle (photomask) inspection/qualification
•Production reticle (photomask) monitoring

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