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Nordson Test & Inspection - 4600 Automated Bond Test Systems

The 4600 Bondtester is a benchtop system designed to automatically perform complex test procedures without needing operator input. The system can automatically complete shear and pull test patterns with different orientations of bonds, while recording failure mode images upon completion.

Maximum Operator Comfort:

Every operator touch-point is an opportunity to degrade measurement spread. Ensure the most accurate results with operator-free automation.

Repeatable Results:
Every time the 100 nm resolution rapid and closed loop motion system ensures the test tool is precise and never misses. Operators cannot match the accuracy and consistency of the test results.

Data is Everything:
Achieve maximum data integrity and traceability with full barcode scanning support. Data is made available for your MES or factory host.

Remove the Expert:
Paragon™ software is easy to use, so you don’t need to rely on expert operators to run the system. An operator can easily manage multiple systems rather than a single manual machine.

Data Integrity with Automation:
Load large batches of samples and benefit from robotic handling to load, align and transfer each device to the Bondtester

Improve Tool ROI:
Start the test then attend to other work while the system automatically completes large batch testing. Tests can be controlled and data exported using SECS/GEM protocols integrated with your factory.

Ultimate Product Safety:
Using robotic handling with vacuum you can safely load and unload your product and protect from handling errors and damage. There is no risk of losing a batch and no need to ever repeat a test.

Maximum UPH:
Fully integrated cassette handling and mapping capabilities combined with device mapping delivers maximum efficiency. Achieve consistent UPH results 24/7 regardless of who is operating the device.

Future proof your bond testing systems:
- Save costs and improve ROI - cartridges from older systems are compatible with the latest
- Guarantee data correlation - results correlate across all platforms from the 4000 Series to the
- Seamless transition - no adaptors or cartridge alterations needed
- New mainframes are designed to accommodate new and old cartridge technology

Paragon - Your Automation Software:
- Automation assisted GUI
- Build in check list & help
- Multi window views
- Schematic virtual images displayed


- Microelectronics
- Battery
- Wafer Level
- Multi Functional Cartridge

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