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Quartet Mechanics - Edge Grip Aligner 300mm

Edge Grip Aligner 300mm
Discover the perfect solution for inspection, metrology, or laser marking tools. Our self-centering edge gripper and edge grip aligner guarantee a ±25μm/0.02° repeatability, preventing contamination through non-backside contact. For enhanced convenience, we offer optional top pick/place, fast-swap, and flipping functionalities.

50-0023-300SC Edge Grip End-Effector
- For 300mm Opaque/Transparent Wafer
- 3-Point Self-Centering, Spade Type
- SoftTouch Mechanism
- ±25μm/0.02° Repeatability (Identical Wafer Diameter Assumed)
- Optional Top Approach & Flipping

50-0237/50-0237-B Edge Grip Aligner
- For 300mm Opaque/Transparent Wafer
- SoftTouch Mechanism
- ±25μm/0.02° Repeatability
- Maximum ±1.5mm Off-Center Displacement Allowed
- Optional Buffering for Fast Swap
- Drop-in Replace Brooks/PRI or Asyst

50-0120-02EP Flipper with Absolute Encoder
8 Electrical wires ad 1 Air/Vacuum Line

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