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Quartet Mechanics - 6 inch Gravity Aligner

6 inch Gravity Aligner
Experience seamless transition with our 6”/8” compound wafer handling solution, designed for both notched or flatted wafers with manual size changeover options.

50-0040 Thin-Blade Edge Grip End-Effector:
- For 150/200mm Wafer (Manual Size change-over)
- Wafer Thickness: 300~1200μm
- SoftTouch Mechanism
- 25-Slot Random Accessibility with 1.6mm Thin Blade End-Effector and Rotation Tip
- Optional Top-Pick, Flipping

50-0246 Edge Grip/Gravity Aligner:
- For 150mm Opaque/Transparent Wafer
- SoftTouch Mechanism
- ±100μm/0.06° Repeatability
- Allows reading Wafer ID on Both Sides
- Optional 200mm Conversion Kits
- Drop-in Replace Brooks/PRI or Asyst

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