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Nordson Test & Inspection - WaferSense® Auto Gapping System AGS

Speeds non-contact gap measurements and parallelism adjustments under vacuum for semiconductor processes such as thin-film deposition, sputtering and etch. Improves uniformity, tool availability and repeatability.

Achieve the ideal set-up for your equipment by measuring gaps at three points.

Improve tool-to-tool process uniformity with objective and repeatable gap adjustments.

Reduce equipment calibration time through live feedback.

Speed setups, maintenance and troubleshooting with automatic handling.

Wafer-shaped. Available in 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes.

Highly accurate. Measures gaps with +-25 micron accuracy within 4 hours of field offset calibration. Gap resolution +-5 microns.

Wireless. No wires that can break after repeated use and AGS will never be misaligned by strained wires. Transmit data in real-time.

Easy-to-use software. GapView and GapReview application software displays numerical and graphical information. Each graphic is color coded to make it easier to see when the gap is above, below or within the user-defined target gap range. GapView lets you log time-stamped measurements to a CVS file for documentation and / or analysis.

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Nordson Test & Inspection - WaferSense® Auto Gapping System AGS

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