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3S Korea - 300mm FOUP

FOUP is used in the chip maker process and is a 300mm wafer carrier box that is long-term operation, unlike the disposable FOSB.

Our FOUP is lightweight and ergonomically designed for user's convenience and has high durability to minimize scratches.

Besides,it has a stable wafer holding capacity and gasket sealing structure with high level of airtightness which enable us to minimize internal particle generation and out gas generation as well.

By using an electro-conductive material, we have blocked the particle absorption.


Wafer storage quantity: 25 sheets
Width: 416mm
Length: 343mm
Height: 336mm
Weight: empty - 4.2kg / with wafer - 7.2kg

Product compatibility:

Secure compatibility of facility based on SEMI (E15.1,
E62, E63, E64, E110, E83, E84, E85, E99, E144) SPEC.

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