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QES Mechatronic Sdn. Bhd. - WID100R Wafer Batch ID Reader System for 100mm

- Designed for 100mm Wafer
- 1x Open Cassettes Station (based on Sample Cassette provided)
- Cassette Orientation Sensors (detect reverse placement of cassette)
- Cassette “Present” and “Tilt Sensors.
- In-Cassette Wafer Slot Mapping Function
- Wafer Orientation Flat Alignment mechanism integrated.
- Programmable Wafer Rotation for various Wafer ID locations.
- Batch Wafer ID Reading for Front & Back also Wafer ID on Orientation Flat area
- Recipe Controlled mapping, alignment & Wafer ID reading
- WID120 Wafer ID Reader
- Signal Light Bar for Operation Status (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue)
- Cassette Map File with xml format.
- Multi Touch Panel PC & Windows Base GUI
- SECS/GEM communication tools (option)

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