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Global Zeus Korea

htt Group is happy to announce to be the new exclusive sales partner within Central Europe for Global Zeus Korea's etching and cleaning equipment.

ZEUS, established in 1970, has grown alongside the development of the semiconductor, LCD, LED, renewable energy and IT industries.

For more than 50years we have maintained our role as a total solution provider, implicitly partnering up with other sources to deliver a variety of products and solutions for the semiconductor and LCD industries.

We provide the wet etching and cleaning equipment and technologies. ZEUS’ market leading 12inches single wafer equipment is widely used for wafer cleaning, etching and stripping and contain higher throughput and reliability. Further products and services include HP/CP, in-line software (CIM), chemicals, parts, and robots.

ZEUS has semiconductor equipment manufacturing and R&D facilities both in Japan and South Korea in order to develop and deliver high quality products worldwide. Furthermore, ZEUS has branches in China and the US and can consistently support customers spanning over multiple continents in a timely manner
Global Zeus Korea