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Japan Unix - Solder Meister DF series

The new generation desktop soldering robot for Industry 4.0 and IoT.
UNIX-DF Series have improved its network function and robotic motion.

Three types, according to PCB size. These are also applicable and optimized for laser soldering.
It can connect with network, which can visualize each soldering process and result.
The additional two axes facilitate penetration angles or rotate PCB, which make difficult soldering component possible from now on.

- New heater improves heating and soldering mechanism.
- Productivity is highly improved by increasing rigidity and process speed.
- Connect with network and visualize the soldering operation process in real time.
- Two additional axes enables complex PCB and components soldering easily.
- Fully correspondent to laser soldering system.

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Japan Unix - Solder Meister DF series

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