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htt Probecards

Our htt Probecard Division is ISO 9001-2015 certified. We design and manufacture in Dresden. The product range includes Cantilever or Blade Type probe cards, single and multiple test, for cold and hot test temperature, special probe cards and our Mini Prober which tests small pieces of a wafer. In our Repair & Service Center we are able to repair nearly all kinds of probe cards.

Since 1992 the htt Dresden Probecards facility has been designing, developing & producing high sophisticated ‚made in Germany‘ Probecards. Our 17 probe card engineers build Cantilever - , Blade Type -, Kerf Microspring -, High Power - , Low and High Temperature -, Low Scrub -, Low Leakage / Ultra Low Leakage -, customized and special Probecards as well as Mini Probers – the smallest Prober of the world.

Additionally, in our European Probe Cards Repair – and Servicecenter in Dresden our team provides repairs of all kinds of standard and advanced Probe Cards as well as the advanced Probecards from MPI Taiwan.

Our own Probecard Production is ISO 9001: 2015 certified in order to increase efficiency & productivity and to meet the demands of today’s process quality.