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TTS - Zeta Series Pitch 0.4mm Coaxial Contactors

TTS Zeta Series Coaxial Contactors are designed to maintain the impedance of the device under test (DUT) through the contactor to the test system, maximizing high frequency power transfer by minimizing signal reflections.

The grounded metal body of the contactor reduces crosstalk between multiple high-speed digital and analog signals to achieve the low signal to noise ratio and wide eye opening required for PAM4 and other high speed devices.

TTS Zeta Contactors can be used for both engineering characterization and high volume production testing of high speed digital and mixed signal devices. We use our internally developed, custom made pins, advanced metals and plastics, and extensive simulations to ensure we deliver a product that works out of the box every time. With pitch capabilities down to 400um, TTS Zeta Series Contactors can meet and exceed all your high speed testing needs.

Key features:

- Full coaxial structure from DUT to PCB

- Robust design with integrated dielectric

- Simple field pin replacement identical to a standard contactor

- High strength, highly rigid contactor body

- Capable of high pin count applications greater than 5000 I/O’s

- Pitch from 0.40mm to 0.80mm and greater

- Suitable for BGA, LGA and QFN devices

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