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Nordson Test & Inspection - WaferSense® Auto Resistance Sensor™ (ARS)

Real Time Resistance Measurement:

- Quickly monitors and identifies resistance measurements with 50 separate measurement pads
around the perimeter, utilizing Kelvin Sensing (4-wire resistance) method for accurate
measurement of low value resistance

Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with wafer-like 4-wire resistance sensor:

- Collect and monitor real time measurement of contact resistance plating cells to detect residue
affecting plating pins. Thinner wafer-like form factor allows ARS to be handled like any other
wafer in the tool. Save time and costs associated with metrology wafer measurements.

Predict when a tool needs maintenance with quantitative analysis of measured mean resistance over time:

- Optimize preventative maintenance plans with accurate, repeatable data trends. Record data to
enable comparison between past and present, as well as one tool to another with new
CyberSpectrum™ software. Establish and save a baseline from a known clean and new contact
ring. Compare mean resistances to baseline values and receive early warnings for non-uniform
deposition associated with changes to plating pins:

Improve cell-to-cell process uniformity with objective and repeatable resistance measurement:

- Predict when plating fingers have to be serviced using measured mean resistances. Increase yield
across various plating cells in the tool by detecting the increase in contact resistance in real time.

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Nordson Test & Inspection - WaferSense® Auto Resistance Sensor™ (ARS)

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