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Nordson Test & Inspection - WaferSense® Auto Teaching System™ 2 (ATS2)

- Improve yields and lower particulate contamination with accurate wafer handoff calibration:

Capture offset data for accurate calibration of transfer positions as the wafer-like ATS moves
through your semi-conductor equipment. Improve the yield of your manufacturing process with
calibrated equipment.

- Achieve repeatable and reproducible semiconductor equipment setups.
Eliminate technician-to-technician variation with the ATS calibration process enabling repeatable
and reproducible setup and maintenance checks.

- Reduce equipment downtime from hours to minutes.
Troubleshooting takes less time with the wireless and vacuum compatible ATS, as equipment stays
sealed during inspection. Increase equipment availability and reduce manpower and consumable

- Speed trouble-shooting and lower consumable expense with visual inspection.
Receive real-time images as robots move ATS through the tool. New CyberSpectrum™ software
graphical user interface provides x, y and z offsets that eliminate guesswork. Search for lost wafers
and verify that pedestals are free of debris without opening the tool.

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