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IOSS - DPM Code Reader next generation- DMR410/420

DPM Code Reader next generation - automatic learning while reading
compact - intelligent - process reliability

With the DMR4XX line IOSS presents one of the most powerful DPM code reading systems of the next generation, applicable for all data matrix codes in industrial sectors, e.g. automotive, semiconductors, logistics, automation and many more.

IOSS code readers stand for excellent reading rates and thus for extremely high process reliability. The new DMR4XX systems follow this path with a unique and automatic optimisation strategy of the system software.

The special feature of these intelligent readers is the "Automatic learning" function during the running process. The more codes the reader reads, the more strategies the integrated software independently generates or optimises and thus becomes insensitive to possible fluctuations in the process. There is no need to constantly adapt the systems and associated costs are saved. The automatic optimisation of the reading process results in very high process reliability, even in difficult environments. The compact design of the readers also makes it possible to make production lines more flexible.

Product features:

- Automatic optimisation of the reading process
- Simple and convenient operation
- Autofocus / autolight / auto-teach
- Integrated laser pointer
- Two different polarisation filters (option)
- Various interfaces including Profinet
- Different lenses and lightning colours available
- Sensor resolutions: DMR410 with 800x600 pixels and DMR420 with 1440x1080 pixels

The intelligent and powerful code readers of the DMR4XX line enable automatic optimisation of the reading strategy during the running process as well as maximum process reliability, combined with very simple and user-friendly operation.

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IOSS - DPM Code Reader next generation- DMR410/420

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