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ITS - Probe Scrub

Probe Scrub™ is a multilayer probe card cleaning medium constructed from a highly cross-linked polymeric material (Probe Clean™) applied over an abrasive lapping film. Probe Scrub™ was initially developed to contain lead-tin solder particulates that accumulate on probe tips during bump probing. Once air-borne, these contaminants can cause a health hazard which, when using Probe Scrub™, is controlled. For wafer test applications from low temperature to +125oC, Probe Lap™ precision lapping film is used in the material stack of Probe Scrub™ HT to provide consistent performance. Probe Scrub™ built with 3M™ Imperial® lapping film ("pink") has been discontinued and all Probe Scrub™ materials are built using Probe Lap™.

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