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MSP - 2300G3

- 10nm advanced deposition capability

- Spot, Ring, and Arc pattern deposits anywhere on wafer with controllable width

- Full wafer (blanket) deposits with high spatial uniformity

- Cluster-free deposition of PSL spheres and SiO2 spheres

- Highly accurate control of deposited particle peak diameter

- Control of deposited particle size distribution width

- Accurate control of deposited particle count

- Fully-automated recipe-based deposition control

- Deposition of up to 16 different particle suspensions with one recipe

- Automated measurement and detailed analysis of particle suspension size distributions

- Standard manually-loaded version supports 150mm, 200mm, 300mm wafers

- Optional automated version supports automatic loading of 200mm and 300mm wafers

- Deposition and Suspension Analysis report generation and exporting

- Produce countless particle wafer standards in house at lower cost than standards provided by an
outside supplier

- Minimize turn-around time of particle depositions

- Protect valuable intellectual property by depositing particles on proprietary films in house

- Minimize risk of contamination by producing particle wafer standards in house

- Increase device fabrication process yield with properly calibrated inspection tools and optimized
substrate cleaning processes

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